We accept Health Spending Account (HSA), Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) funds for payment.

For New Patients

First Visit: This session consists of a thorough look at your medical history from the Western and Eastern perspectives. We will talk about physical, mental, and emotional concerns, as well as environmental and lifestyle stresses. Please bring in your home pharmacy. Include all over-the-counter and prescription medications, herbs, supplements, essential oils, and homeopathics. After a review of your history, medicines, and diet, Mary Helen will interpret and explain your Chinese diagnosis. 2 hours, $180.

Second Visit: You will receive a treatment plan based on your Chinese diagnosis. This session includes counseling on emotional, lifestyle, and environmental stresses, food-as-medicine, herbal remedies, natural supplements, and detox recommendations. Following with an acupuncture, magnetic, infrared, and aromatherapy treatment. 2 hours, $180.

Regular Acupuncture Treatment: This session includes counseling on emotional, and environmental stresses, nutrition, herbal, supplement and detox recommendations; plus an acupuncture, magnetic, infrared, and aromatherapy treatment. 1 hour $90

Returning Clients:  For previous clients who haven’t been in for a regular acupuncture session  for a year or more, an extra half hour is required for your first return visit.  This is to catch up on your medical history and lifestyle changes as well as to give new herbal and supplement recommendations in addition to the regular acupuncture treatment.  $140, 1 ½ hour session.

Smoking/ Drug/ Alcohol Detox:  This includes counseling to work through emotional issues and habits.  These are special acupuncture treatments 3 to 4 days in a row, and herbal and homeopathic recommendations as well as full body detoxification programs to be done over a longer period of time. 3 to 4 one hour sessions.  $90 per session.

See research evidence for acupuncture effectiveness

Moxabustion:  Mugwort, a Chinese herb, is heated and held over the body at certain acupoints to warm the body, increase circulation, decrease swelling & pain and tonify internal organs. Great for certain internal conditions, injuries, or feeling too cold all over or in the extremities. 1/2 hour session $50

Counseling:  For clients whose health problems stem from emotional, spiritual or relationship issues sometimes extra time is needed in addition to the counseling given in a regular treatment  session.  In some cases you may be invited to ask your spouse or other family member, friend or care-giver to attend.  These sessions may range from an extra 1/2  an hour with your acupuncture or other treatment, to an hour or longer separate individual or couples session-1/2 hour $50, 1 hour $90